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The student needs to sign in again to complete their session. Your child's report is kept separate from your class under the "My Kids" tab. This should never normally happen.'; $string['invalidsourcefield'] = 'Draft file\'s source field is invalid'; $string['invalidurl'] = 'Invalid URL'; $string['invaliduser'] = 'Invalid user'; $string['invaliduserid'] = 'Invalid user id'; $string['invaliduserfield'] = 'Invalid user field: The email addresses do not need to be in the same domain and they don't even have to be linked to users of your site. navigate here

You can also return to previous version by reinstalling original files.'; $string['upgraderunning'] = 'Site is being upgraded, please retry later.'; $string['urlnotdefinerss'] = 'URL not defined for RSS feed'; $string['useradmineditadmin'] = 'Only Unless you have twenty-five kids a parent account is the right way to go. Block tmpl=foo system template switch One of the lesser known Joomla! All rights reserved. [3.19.3]StudentsParents or TeachersClassroomWelcome backEnter your information to beginEmail:First name:PIN:Remember me on this deviceForgot your PIN?Sign inCopyright © 2009-2016 XtraMath.

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In IIS, Expand 'ServerName' and select 'Application Pools'. A green circle means the student got less than 10% wrong. The second teacher can add the students needed by signing in to their teacher account and then clicking "add student". Be sure to then update the new "Addressed by students as" field.

You want to be better and faster at math, don't you? The way we are going to do it is called 'Race the Teacher'. All rights reserved. [3.19.3]StudentsParents or TeachersClassroomWelcome backSign in to classroomCancelDoneCopyright © 2009-2016 XtraMath. Computer Error Codes And Solutions If you can only test in safe mode, do that.6.

Paste from the Clipboard into the window by pressing command-V, then press return. This should never normally happen.'; $string['invalidurl'] = 'Invalid URL'; $string['invaliduser'] = 'Invalid user'; $string['invaliduserid'] = 'Invalid user id'; $string['invaliduserfield'] = 'Invalid user field: {$a}'; $string['invalidusername'] = 'The given username contains invalid Again, the script will still run.If the test is taking much longer than usual to run because the computer is very slow, you might be prompted for your password a second https://discussions.apple.com/thread/7435007?start=0&tstart=0 If you see a red x it means you got that answer wrong.

Whenever an error occurs or you put your site offline, Joomla! Dial Protocol Error 6 Remember me? Do you think you can get more next time? All rights reserved. [3.19.3] Thank You!

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Hey, that's all for today! my site The last thing you need to do is press the "Sign Out" button. Vpn Error Codes If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy you may contact us at [email protected] Computer Error Codes Troubleshooting Can I remove these images?

For more information regarding template overrides, please consult Joomla!'s documentation wiki page on the subject. The test may take a few minutes to run, depending on how many files you have and the speed of the computer. When you are ready press the button. Students should not start XtraMath if they have less than about ten minutes to spend on the activities. Computer Error Code 404

Passing the name of the template in the URL by appending, say, ?tmpl=offline allows you to test those templates without having to actually produce an error or put your site off-line. Additional Considerations: CAM Namespace: If you use a CAM Namespace as your authentication source for TM1, you will want to do the following: 6. Reload to refresh your session. Devices that can run iOS 8 include iPad 2 and later, iPhone 4S and later, and iPod Touch 5 and later.

However, it may not be the right solution for your child. Computer Error Codes Beeps It's practice time again! This contains all the debugging details of what Admin Tools detected whenever it issues a 403 error.

Go inside the plugins/system/admintools/admintools directory on your site.

One good idea is to include pharmaceutical, luxury watches and shoes brand names, as this makes up the majority of comment and contact spam received on web sites. Block for this long How long the block will last. If you haven't added your own IP to the Whitelist you will get locked out of your administrator area! Pppoe Error List At the very least you MUST include system and component, otherwise Joomla!

We will ask you to prepare a spreadsheet with the necessary information. If your child is using XtraMath at school, please check with the teacher before making any changes. Check the tm1s.cfg file of the TM1Server(s) you are having trouble with, and look for the IdleConnectionTimeOutSeconds parameter. To see the specific question each cell refers to place the mouse cursor over the cell and a tooltip will pop up identifying the specific fact.

The app may be sluggish on some of the oldest devices that can run Android 4. This is usually performed to send spam messages or brute-force passwords. The idea is that potential attackers use automated tools to scan thousands of sites, trying to identify which of them run Joomla! In the add students box, pick the "Transfer student" option and enter the student's name, PIN and email address of the originating teacher.

We are happy to do that for you. Thank you for donating to XtraMath. This is enough to thwart script kiddies and unsophisticated spam bots, but will do nothing for more serious attacks. Press the button when you are ready to start.

Please select a different student.Return to default classThe student did not complete any activities.This information has been archived.Copyright © 2009-2016 XtraMath. Here\'s that error message to pass on to your administrator: {$a}'; $string['secretalreadyused'] = 'Change password confirmation link was already used, password was not changed'; $string['sectionnotexist'] = 'This section does not exist'; This means that no security measure will be applied against them.