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Which Evaluates Sqlca Return Code


SQL Return Code +231 CURRENT POSITION OF CURSOR cursor-name IS NOT VALID FOR FETCH OF THE CURRENT ROW.Suggestion: Be certain to FETCH to position on a row after opening a cursor. If the program is not set up to handle a null being returned from the CASE expression, then a -305 SQLCODE is returned, which usually causes the program to abend. Sitemap HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. REASON reason.Suggestion: Ensure COLLECTION name is in DB2 PLAN. have a peek at this web-site

Your display name must be unique in the developerWorks community and should not be your email address for privacy reasons. Then reference the host variable in the SQL statement. That includes OPEN and CLOSE Cursor. Return code data from the DB2 database system gets automatically loaded in the SQLCA communications area. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DB2_SQL_return_codes

Db2 Sql Error Code

All rights reserved. SQL Error Code -818 THE PRECOMPILER-GENERATED TIMESTAMP x IN THE LOAD MODULE IS DIFFERENT FROM THE BIND TIMESTAMP y BUILT FROM THE DBRM z.Suggestion: Recompile and BIND the DB2 program. Johnson Consultant, Testa Consulting Russell Mellon Analytical Services 412-236-0974 [login to unmask email] -----Original Message----- From: Philippe Godfrin [mailto:[login to unmask email] Sent: Wednesday, May 08, 2002 11:07 AM To: [login

REASON CODE reason-code, TYPE OF RESOURCE resource-type, AND RESOURCE NAME resource-name.Suggestion: Review DB2 Master Log to find process holding DB2 locks. Always display counts for the number of Selects, Inserts, Updates, Deletes, and Open cursors that have been executed in the program. This chapter is from the book  This chapter is from the book DB2 SQL Tuning Tips for z/OS Developers Learn More Buy This chapter is from the book This chapter Oracle Sql Error Codes A custom filter or module, such as URLScan, restricts access to the file.

Need an IBM ID? Db2 Error Codes List Mainframe As a result, when control is passed to the source code that is used to process errors and warnings, the application has no way of knowing where control came from, nor Instructs the precompiler to generate source code that evaluates SQL return codes and branches to the label specified whenever a positive sqlcode value (other than the value 100) is generated. https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/ssw_ibm_i_73/rzajp/rzajperrtncd.htm IF DISPLAY-ON MOVE SQLCODE TO WS-IDX-DISPLAY DISPLAY 'SQLCODE ' WS-IDX-DISPLAY.

CALL 'DSNTIAR' USING SQLCA ERROR-MESSAGE ERROR-REC-LENGTH "Johnson, Bill (Pittsburgh)" <[login to unmask email]> @LISTSERV.YLASSOC.COM> on 2002/05/08 10:33:21 AM Please respond to DB2 Data Base Discussion List <[login to unmask email]> Sent Jcl Abend Codes William J. Search on the keyword SQL. However, once any form of the WHENEVER statement is executed, the SQL return codes of all subsequent SQL statements executed will be evaluated and processed accordingly until the application ends or

Db2 Error Codes List Mainframe

Review the browser URL. For example, if Column1 is defined as an Integer, then the host variable in COBOL should be defined as S9(9) comp. Db2 Sql Error Code By including either (or both) of these APIs in your embedded SQL applications, you can always return meaningful information to the end user whenever error and/or warning conditions occur. 4 of Sql Server Error Codes In this example, the return code produced is checked; if an error occurred, a message that explains why the API failed is returned to the user.

For example: Evaluate SQLCODE When 0 If SQLWARN0 = 'W' Display '*** Warning error ***' Display 'Sqlstate = ' Sqlstate End-If When Other ... Check This Out Since my COBOL skills are quite rusty, having something to start with would be helpful. When SQLWARN0 is a W, DB2 also provides helpful information about the problem in one or more of the other SQLWARNn fields. This is most important in Select statements because DB2 will return an invalid -305 SQLCODE when it returns a column of null to the program and there is no null indicator Db2 Sql Error Codes Pdf

For example, Select COALESCE(PK_ID, 0) will return the PK_ID value if there is one, or it will return a zero if it is null. It is preferable to code the VALUE, COALESCE, or IFNULL SQL scalar function for any nullable columns because the program will not receive null indicators from DB2. This is the fourth in a series of nine tutorials designed to help you prepare for the DB2 Application Developer Certification exam (Exam 733). http://smartnewsolutions.com/error-code/return-code-313.html SQL Return Code +347 THE RECURSIVE COMMON TABLE EXPRESSION name MAY CONTAIN AN INFINITE LOOP.Suggestion: Verify predicate in the SQL WHERE clause of the form "counter_col < constant" or "counter_col <

This is extremely helpful especially if frequency value statistics are present for the different values of Status_Code in the catalog tables. (See tuning tip #10 in Chapter 1.) Page 1 of Db2 Sql Codes Interview New with DB2 V8, when DB2 processes a multiple row FETCH statement, the contents of SQLCODE is set to +100 if the last row in the table has been returned with SQL Error Code -503 A COLUMN CANNOT BE UPDATED BECAUSE IT IS NOT IDENTIFIED IN THE UPDATE CLAUSE OF THE SELECT STATEMENT OF THE CURSOR.Suggestion: Use FOR UPDATE statement in your

thanx, phil Bill (Pittsburgh) Johnson Re: Sample SQL Error COBOL processing May 8, 2002 10:33 AM (in response to Philippe Godfrin) **************************************************************** * SQLCA AREA * **************************************************************** EXEC SQL INCLUDE SQLCA

SQL Error Code -204 name IS AN UNDEFINED NAME.Suggestion: Correct DB2 CREATOR or OBJECT NAMEs located in SQL statements. This is a new DB2 shop and there is nothing established. September 2013. Db2 Sql Error Sqlcode=-104 An example is +100 which means no rows found or end of table Here is a more comprehensive list of the SQLCODEs for DB2: Zero (Successful)[edit] 0 Successful Negative values (Errors)[edit]

Keep calculations out of SQL statements whenever possible. The URL contains a typographical error. Typically it would be more efficient to execute a seven-table join. have a peek here Your display name accompanies the content you post on developerworks.Please choose a display name between 3-31 characters.

thanx, phil Eric Pearson Re: Sample SQL Error COBOL processing May 8, 2002 10:37 AM (in response to Bill (Pittsburgh) Johnson) There is an example in SDSNSAMP member DSN8BC3 (at least reason reason-code -677 insufficient virtual storage for bufferpool expansion -678 the constant constant specified for the index limit key must conform to the data type data-type of the corresponding column column-name Create the file or directory and try the request again. I posted a sql error handler there awhile back.

All other SQL calls get some return code. Contact DBA to check DB2 authorizations. use the get diagnostics statement for more information regarding the conditions that were encountered +802 The null indicator was set to -2 as an arithmetic. BSTMVARS *==> BSTMDELU *==> ANY CHANGE TO THE PASSED PARMS AFFECTS THIS SHARED CODE *---------*---------*---------*---------*---------*---------* MOVE SQLCODE TO WS-MSG-SQLCODE (1) DISPLAY WS-MESSAGE (1) CALL 'DSNTIAR' USING SQLCA ERROR-MESSAGE ERROR-TEXT-LEN IF RETURN-CODE

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