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Failed To Configure Ifolder

Selecting Both enables you to select secure or non secure channel for communication between the iFolder server, Web Admin server, Web Access server and the clients. Here are some screenshots of the admin and web client: The windows client You can the install client to start creating ifolders of your own. At a terminal console prompt, log in as the root user or equivalent, then enter rights -f /media/nss/NSSVOL -r rwfcem trustee wwwrun.ou.o.treename If you ever get An Internal Error has occurred iFolder server port to connect on: Specify the port for the iFolder server to connect to the Web Access application. http://smartnewsolutions.com/failed-to/ruby-failed-to-configure-gdb.html

This setting cannot be changed after the install using the Web Admin console. iFolder server port to connect on: Specify the port for the iFolder server to connect to the Web Admin application. IMPORTANT:For security reasons, it is recommended that you always change the default iFolder configuration settings. ls /usr/lib/simias/web/bin/ ClientUpdate.dll* Simias.Discovery.Web.dll* SimiasLib.dll* [email protected] Simias.exe* SimiasLib.dll.config* IdentityManagement.dll* Simias.HostService.dll* Simias.OpenLdapProvider.dll* ifdata* Simias.HttpFile.dll* Simias.POBox.Web.dll* iFolder.WebService.dll* Simias.Identity.ADLdapProvider.dll* Simias.Server.dll* iFolder.WebService.Local.dll* Simias.Identity.LdapProvider.dll* Simias.Web.dll* Simias.ADLdapProvider.dll* Simias.Identity.OpenLdapProvider.dll* SyncService.Web.dll* SimiasClient.dll* Simias.LdapProvider.dll* UserMovement.dll* Sanjaya Yogi dit: 2010/03/30 à view publisher site

Configuring shared secrets is outside the purview of this document. Port 443 is the default for SSL. Note: Web access service listens on SSL port 443 in the iFolder Application Server. Is there a good guide somewhere to this aspect?

If the Proxy user does not exist, it is created and granted the Read right to the LDAP Search context(s).  If the Proxy user already exists, it is granted the Read However, since I had some non-standard settings (custom data directory, multiple context searching), the upgraded iFolder failed to work without additional customization. You can modify the search context even after the configuration is complete by using the web admin console. We provide upfront analysis and planning, and deliver automatic, unattended high-speed Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) or anywhere-to-anywhere workload migrations.

If the LDAP server co-exists on the same machine as the iFolder server, an administrator can disable SSL, which increases the performance of LDAP authentications. Problems? If these -L/opt/local/lib appeared after the -Llib/libmatroska/src -lmatroska the problem shouldn't occur but I haven't looked at your build system thoroughly enough to see how difficult that would be to change. Thus, this guide is divided into three sections: Installing Simias, Installing iFolder Client 3.8, and iFolder Server 3.8.

For example, https://lag-11.isecurest.com/ifolder - where lag-11.isecurest.com is the published DNS name of Access Gateway. how would i do this? You can try rsync, but it is one way only (if you want two ways, you’ll have to do it yourself). Resources https:https://www.x2b4.com/help.ubuntu.com/community/ModMono https:https://www.x2b4.com/help.ubuntu.com/community/iFolderEnterpriseServer https:https://www.x2b4.com/wiki.ubuntu.com/iFolderPackaging http:https://www.x2b4.com/www.thesummit-grp.com/index.php/matts-blog-right-menu-12/37-ifolder-37-on-sled-11 http:https://www.x2b4.com/community.ifolder.com/ssf/a/do?p_name=ss_forum&p_action=1&title=installation&binderId=1487&action=view_folder_entry&page_title=Installation https:https://www.x2b4.com/edge.launchpad.net/~ruiboon vikholt has adapted the steps to work with debian lenny.

The only option available with the current design is to redirect the user to /AGLogout, which will log the user out from Access Manager. https://nscsysop.hypermart.net/ifolder.html Please don't fill out this field. To set mail as an LDAP naming attribute, you must select the others option and specify mail in the Select an alternate LDAP attribute field. You must ensure that the search context that you specify is a user container.

Install Settings Description iFolder components Select the iFolder components to be configured: Select the components you want to configure. http://smartnewsolutions.com/failed-to/failed-to-configure-the-service-netlogon-as-requested-dcpromo-demote.html Procedure to get everything working: Note: iFolder 1.x used a SYS:\APACHE\IFOLDER\SERVER\HTTPD_ADDITIONS_NW.CONF file. If the server needs to be accessed outside the firewall, you must provide two different URLs: Private and Public. Log in to the server as the root user, or open a terminal console, enter su, then enter the root password.

Access Gateway tries to Form Fill and POST the form to the Web Server. For more information see Step 1 through Step 7 in the section Section 6.1, Installing iFolder on an Existing OES Server. Require a secure connection between the browser and the iFolder Web Access application: Select the check box to establish a secure connection between the Web browser and the iFolder Web Access Check This Out I have used iFolder on various PC's, and I usually see that it is a bit slow to download or upload large amounts of data.

I can’t login as admin, and the /var/log/ifolder3/adminweb.log says: ---- 2010-03-16 11:54:53,836 [-1284503280] INFO Login - [a.b.c.d] CBA: key is Connection , value : keep-alive 2010-03-16 11:54:53,843 [-1284503280] INFO Login - So, when the user is redirected to log in again, Access Gateway matches the login page and Form Fill again with the invalid user name and password - and it ends If you specify multiple search contexts, you must ensure that the iFolder proxy user has read permissions for all those contexts/containers and attributes of all the user objects under those containers.

Select a suitable authentication contract for this resource.

Figure 3: Creating a protected resource Click to view.

As soon as I did that, LDAP authentication started working. (I used the LDAP DSTRACE debugging techniques noted in a tip above to see the kinds of LDAP errors that gave However, all components can also be configured to use HTTP channel. The Web Access server does not need to be configured on the same iFolder Enterprise Server. NOTE:You can use a single URL for the iFolder server if it is accessed only inside the corporate firewall.

Where to from here? Installing Simias 64-bit platforms: Known to work using gcc-4.3. Anyway, here's what you need to do (the examples I give are ASSUMING that the NPS server is actually a different box than the one running iFolder): On page 90 of this contact form Require a secure connection between the LDAP server and the iFolder Server: Select this option to establish a secure connection between the LDAP server and the iFolder server.

I just did this: svn co https://ifolder.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/ifolder/trunk/plugins/ simias-plugins What next? ./autogen.sh -prefix=/usr make make install? For example, cn=LdapAdmin,o=acme. Document ID:7011340Creation Date:09-NOV-12Modified Date:09-NOV-12NovelliFolder Did this document solve your problem? Sanjaya Yogi dit: 2010/03/30 à 18:12 Need some help with some errors Output from my script to build the client: NOTE: on Ubuntu 9.10 - it built simias as client and

The problem occurs when i attempt to make an ifolder on a client- it says «preparing to sync», then it goes straight to «server unavailable». The problem is in the HTML coding of the main iFolder page for the login link. The clients can be inside or outside of the firewall and based on this, you can use private or public URL, or use public URL all the time. A.

If you are using an NSS volume to store user data, you must set up NSS file system trustee rights for the Web server user object wwwrun before restarting your web bzr-buildpackageDuring execution of bzr-buildpackage you will receive the following error message, which you can safely ignore. Require a secure connection between the browser and the iFolder Web Admin application: Select the check box to establish a secure connection between the Web browser and the iFolder Web Admin The Web Server returns the same form back, as POST is not required for this form.

Update will not continue".... This enables a secure SSL channel between the two. IMPORTANT:You must ensure that all the users whose iFolder clients are connected to the old server IP, are updated the client with the new IP address of the server. I have iFolder 2.1.5 installed, and I am trying get iFolder to work on a non-sys volume.

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