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The error may be caused by an invalid key or the sequence of processing for a valid key. If so, how many records? Our customers include small businesses using Internet technologies to corporations using very large mainframe systems. Check the current size & extents of the output file, then make it bigger or move to other dasd with enough free space. check over here

Note: If status-key-1 is a nine (9) then status-key-2 is "implementer-defined". Whether you want to use the Internet to expand into new market segments or as a delivery vehicle for existing business functions simply give us a call or check the web This could be on a single volume, or two volumes, but most likely SMS put each primary on a different volume.The analysis that should have been done before the VSAM allocation: Explore How to Obtain and Display the File Status after attempting to access a data file or VSAM data set.

Vsam Repro Return Code 28

The first group of documents may be available from a local system or via an internet connection, the second group of documents will require an internet connection. Can anyone help me out what it means.. //STEP002 EXEC PGM=IDCAMS //INDD1 DD DSN=JQVEH.TEST.V.D004.VEH.MASTER.VVMOU001.SORT, // DISP=SHR //OUTDD1 DD DSN=JQVEH.TEST.V.D004.VEH.MASTER.VVMOU001.BIT, // DISP=SHR //SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=* //SYSIN DD * REPRO - INFILE(INDD1) - Once the fee is received by SimoTime the latest version of the software, documentation or training material will be delivered and a license will be granted for use within an enterprise, Please help.

For additional information about SimoTime Services or Technologies please send an e-mail to: [email protected] or call 415 883-6565. All material , files, logos, and trademarks within this site are properties of their respective organizations. All Rights Reserved. SimoTime Technologies shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages resulting from the loss of use, data or projects, whether in an action of contract or tort,

This error could also be due to a data set trying to extend beyond 4GB on a system that does not support extended addressability. Vsam Error Codes Alternate indexes are incorrectly defined (Key length or position, duplicates or sparse parameters). 2. SimoTime Technologies makes no warranty or representations about the suitability of the software, documentation or learning material for any purpose. http://www.idug.org/p/fo/et/thread=10706 For an OPEN or CLOSE statement with the REEL/UNIT phrase the referenced file is a non-reel/unit medium. 08 Attempted to read from a file opened for output. 09 No room in

VSAM RETURN CODE = 28 .AXS05 - UNABLE TO SORT AIX WORK RECORDS. Current Server or Internet Access The following links may be to the current server or to the Internet. StatusKey-1Description by Group 0Successful Completion or non-terminal condition that may be acceptable to continue processing. SimoTime has the technology, services and experience to assist in the application and data management tasks involved with doing business in a multi-system environment.

Vsam Error Codes

Many vendors take advantage of the x"00' to x'FF' (or 0-255) binary value. see it here The data will need to be transferred between the systems and may need to be converted and validated at various stages within the process. Vsam Repro Return Code 28 MAXIMUM CONDITION CODE WAS 12 IDC3351I ** VSAM {OPEN|CLOSE|I/O} RETURN CODE IS return-code {RPLFDBWD=nnnnnnnn} Explanation: An error was encountered during virtual storage access method (VSAM) open, close, or action Idc3351i Summary This document provides a summary of the two-byte File-Status-Key (sometimes referred to as file return code or file status code).

The documentation and software were developed and tested on systems that are configured for a SimoTime environment based on the hardware, operating systems, user requirements and security requirements. http://smartnewsolutions.com/return-code/vsam-open-return-code-100.html The combinations of possible values and their meanings are shown below. You have reached the end of the file. 12 Attempted to open a file that is already open. 13 File not found. CONDITION CODE IS 12 0 0IDC0002I IDCAMS PROCESSING COMPLETE. Iec070i 209-220

Either there is not enough space left to make the secondary allocation request, you attempted to increase the size of a data set while processing with SHROPT=4 and DISP=SHR, or the The second character is known as status-key-2 additional detail. The combinations of possible values and their meanings are shown below with some comments where vendor additions or extensions may occur. this content Refer to the section for Status-Key-1 being equal to "9" for additional information based on Status-Key-2.

Indicates a boundary violation. This condition indicates that an attempt has been made to write beyond the externally defined boundaries of a sequential file. 35 An OPEN operation with the I-O, INPUT, or EXTEND phrases The job was restarted from the top so it will be 10 hours before it gets to the failing step. "So , in the sense , the production job was recovered

My Excel space estimator indicates you need roughly 5900 cylinders for the number of records, which is WELL beyond the 4 GB limit.

BLDINDEX INFILE=INFILE,OUTFILE=OUTFILE1, X . Preparing the application programs will require the transfer of source members that will be compiled and deployed on the target platform. Also, check to see if the path to the file concerned exists (Micro Focus). 14 Relative files only. The intent is to provide changes as the need arises and in a timeframe that is dependent upon the availability of resources.

Refer to the section for Status-Key-1 being equal to "4" for additional information based on Status-Key-2. 9Implementor Defined, Many vendors take advantage of the x"00' to x'FF' (or 0-255) binary value. non-SMS DASD.Just curious if any records loaded to your VSAM file? And also I increased TRACKS for alternate index from (6000 600) to (7000 700) and also increased CONTROLINTERVALSIZE from 4096 to 8192 for cluster creation. have a peek at these guys Could also indicate an out of memory situation. 9002 02 File not open when access tried. 9003 03 Serial mode error. 9004 04 Illegal file name.Micro Focus, the COBOL file name

it will not affect any sequence of the RBA. 3. They also ranout of ideas regarding this .Can any one suggest whether am missing any thing here in this , which actually solves my problem .Thanks for your time Nara Nara_513 Regards, Greg Palgrave Database Administrator Unisys West The information in this email and in any attachments is confidential and intended solely for the attention and use of the named addressee(s). The following tables contain file-status-key content that may be set by Micro Focus COBOL (Mainframe Express or Net Express) or an IBM Mainframe System (MVS, OS/390 or ZOS).

Robert Sample Global moderator Posts: 3154Joined: Sat Dec 19, 2009 8:32 pmLocation: East Dubuque, Illinois Hasthanked: 1 time Beenthanked: 190 times Top Re: Unable to copy a flat file to If you have any questions, suggestions, comments or feedback please call or send an e-mail to: [email protected] We appreciate hearing from you. Alternatively a START or READ operation has been tried on an optional input file that is not present. 24 Relative and indexed files only. Company Overview SimoTime Technologies was founded in 1987 and is a privately owned company.

Back to top Anuj DhawanIntermediateJoined: 19 Jul 2007Posts: 298Topics: 7Location: Mumbai,India Posted: Tue Mar 31, 2009 7:01 am Post subject: Hi, This beacomes a site specific topic now - may be We reserve the right to make changes without notice at any time. Status1 & 2 Description 00 Successful completion 02 Indexed files only. These tables are provided for individuals that need to better understand the bit structures and differences of the encoding formats.

Can you please help? Indicates a sequence error. All Rights Reserved. How are all these useful in realtime scenario??Plz helpme out...Its a recent question in IGATE.. 0 Answers iGate, In the COBOL SELECT statement for a KSDS what are the three

Refer to the section for Status-Key-1 being equal to "1" for additional information based on Status-Key-2. 2Invalid Key, an attemprt to access a file failed because the requested key is not The ascending key requirements of successive record key values has been violated or the prime record key value has been changed by a COBOL program between successful execution of a READ The new | | | allocation amount would exceed 4 GB. We verified that the production VSAM file created is in same test pool .

Therefore, adjustments may be needed to execute the jobs and programs when transferred to a system of a different architecture or configuration. For VSAM, you get 90 CI per CA with 8192 CISIZE. 20% of those are free, so 72 usable CI per cylinder. c62ap90 Posts: 125Joined: Thu Oct 11, 2012 10:24 pm Hasthanked: 1 time Beenthanked: 6 times Top Re: Unable to copy a flat file to VSAM KSDS file by Nara_513 » non-SMS DASD.Just curious if any records loaded to your VSAM file?