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Vsam Return Code 152


Return Code=08 Action=Request Not enough buffers are available to process the request (shared resources only). It forces mod-
ified data buffers and block 1 buffers to disk, releases positioning,
invalidates the main storage copies of index buffers, and rereads
block 1 information from disk, but the Message 4A371 is issued to provide the catalog management return code and reason code which are used to diagnose the problem. The
error codes for MUSIC/SP are listed below.

For open and close, the error code is returned in the byte at dis-
placement 49 in the ACB. Source

PROGRAMMER ACTION: The automatic assign function failed because the device with the required volume is in "down" status, reserve status, or because no programmer logical unit were available. You requested CNV mode on the RPL. Use Access Method Services EXPORTRA command to export the file for subsequent reimportation. X'01' 001 Return Code=04 Action=CBMM GENCB/MODCB/SHOWCB/TESTCB request is invalid.

X'02' 002 Return Code=>0 Action=CLOSE CLOSE or TCLOSE found an invalid control block structure for this ACB.

Vsam Open Return Code Is 232

Possibly an attempted was made to read an empty file. Email check failed, please try again Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. %d bloggers like this: The American Programmer Home Books on Mainframe Programming Mainframe Manuals and The CI corresponds to a logical block
for non-VSAM files.

ESDS Entry-sequenced data set. IDUMP output Storage dump of the supervisor lock tables A dump of the lock file if one was specified at IPL SYSLOG output job stream X'FF' 255 Return Code=>0 Action=CLOSE An

X'43' 067 Return Code=08 Action=OPEN An attempt was made to open an unexpired file for output using a DTF. Enter your email address here Advertisement Home About Me Sitemap Contact Me Copyright © 2017 Rui Miguel Feio Send to Email Address Your Name Your Email Address Cancel Post was not A special form of
ddname is used to open a VSAM file which is not defined on a /FILE
statement. Vsaminit Verify that a previous Access Method Service DEFINE or DELETE did not fail.

PROGRAMMER ACTION: Request a programmer logical unit that was specified at system generation. If implicit delete only delete part of file, you must specified DELETE IGNOREERROR to delete the rest of the file. If you do not want to install the VSE/VSAM Space Managment for SAM Feature, change the DLBL statement to specify a file other than SAM ESDS and rerun your job. http://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/SSLTBW_2.1.0/com.ibm.zos.v2r1.ieam600/bb3351.htm During implicity deletion, the operator will be requested to authorize deletion if the expiration data previously specified for the file has not passed.

PROGRAMMER ACTION: Try to find the reason for the nonavailabilty of the volume or extent. Vsam Return Code 28 PROGRAMMER ACTION: Rerun the job in a large partition. X'06' 006 Return Code=04 Action=CBMN The SHOWCB or TESTCB OBJECT operand refers to a non-esistent index. X'A0' 160 Return Code=08 Action=OPEN One of the following has occurred: Keyed access was specified for the ACB (in the ACB or the GENCB macro), but the file is entry sequenced.

Vsam Return Code 168

Commands, read conver-
sationally from logical unit 9, are used to inspect and modify main
storage and registers, to skip a specified number of subsequent trace
items, and to turn VSAM http://ruifeio.com/2011/12/24/vsam-open-error-codes/ PROGRAMMER ACTION: Changes the device address in the ASSGN statement to that of the VSAM volume being opened. Vsam Open Return Code Is 232 Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Google+ (Opens in Vsam Feedback Codes No space of the required class is available for additional secondary allocations.

PROGRAMMER ACTION: Ensure that in the SYNAD exit routine your program issues a DUMP macro. http://smartnewsolutions.com/return-code/vsam-open-return-code-100.html Posted by KUNAL KISHORE at 11:39 AM No comments: Post a Comment Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM) on MUSIC/SP This This means that the long-
est record that can be stored is CILEN-7 bytes, where CILEN is the
data component CI length. The user
refers to the KSDS cluster by giving the file name of the data compo-
nent, SAMPLE1.DAT, usually on a /FILE statement.

MUSIC/SP does not have a separate VSAM Vsam Open Return Code Is 118

The Catalog Check Service Aid is documented in VSE/VSAM Programmer's Reference. If the key length is 234 or more, the index
CI length must be at least 1024.

In order to use the file in a program, a /FILE statement of PROGRAMMER ACTION: Verify that your program is using the correct cluster, alternate index, or path name. have a peek here Rerun the job after the system problem is corrected.

You requested a programmer logical unit that was not system generated, but whose assignment has been changed to UA (unassigned) by the operator or by a previous program. Vsam Open Error A0 For example, a permanent I/0 error may have occurred when VSAM was reading or writing a catalog entry or a catalog recovery area record. VSAM programs written in high-level languages
such as PL/I require CBMANIP.

In addition to storage for modules, VSAM requires a work area of about
10K in the user region.

X'32' 050 Return Code=08 Action=OPEN One or more VSAM processing modules cannot be loaded because either the GETVIS area or the partition is too small.

X'76' 118 Return Code=00 Action=OPEN You opened a file that was not closed on a previous open for output. Instead of specifying a record num-
ber or an address on disk, the user program specifies the key when
retrieving or updating a record. The other ACB is not in communication with the ACB under which the current request has been processed; however, the other ACB is being executed under the same VSE task. Vsam File Status 35 OPEN did not try to verify its catalog records.

If Catalog Check finds no errors, the problem was due to insufficient storge. Changed from addressed to key access without having VSAM positioned for keyed-sequential retrieval. You can check them in the same way that you check VSAM files. Check This Out X'9C' 156 Return Code=08 Action=Request One or more records in this CI may contain duplicate data after an addressed GET-with-update.

X'44' 068 Return Code=08 Action=OPEN The file to be opened has a name which begins with "DEFAULT.MODEL.". Use BUFNI(n) to specify the number of index buffers
if you wish to use more than the standard number.

The VSAM Compatibility Interface, which allows a VSAM file to be
PROGRAMMER ACTION: Rerun the job in a larger virtual partition. The problem may be due to insufficient storage for Catalog Check processing.

Managed-SAM will simulate the open of an empty file for DTFSD TYPEFLE=INPUT requests. Return Code=08 Action=OPEN ACB MACRF = LSR (local shared resources) is specified, but there is no resource pool defined. Specifically, this condition is diagnosed under the following circumstances: The request would cause a control area to be allocated whose RBA would be greater than 64511 multiplied by the control area This is probably a system error.

This also restricts the number of
pointers that can be stored in an alternate index record, for an
alternate index with the NONUNIQUEKEY option. The record number (1, 2, 3,...) of a
data record (slot) in an RRDS.

VSAM - Data Storage and Organization
A KSDS consists of a data component